24/7 Exclusive Access to Compressor Status - only available with our No Hassle Service Plan

SkyView collects data from HCGs in the field, allowing you to monitor status and pressures in real-time. From a manufacturing and service perspective, SkyView allows us to diagnose and avert potential interruptions before they occur, increasing performance and reducing costs. Customers on our NHSP (No Hassle Service Plan) can access performance data on SkyView through a password secure portal website from their computer or mobile device.

  • “Real-time” satellite monitoring
  • Compressor Status
  • Line and Annulus Pressures
  • 90-day historical data

An overview of compressor status in field
with just a single click, access detailed information


View all suction and discharge pressures at a single glance


Access up to a 90-day snapshot of the compressor's pressure performance

Our No Hassle Service Plan (NHSP) increases production, minimizes downtime, maximizes your bottom line!
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