HCG10 - Hydraulic Casing Gas Compressor

Compressor Processes Liquids | Works With Any Lift System | No Pneumatic Valves or Vessels | Automated Capacity Control | SkyView Reporting | Set & Forget PLC Control

Standard Features

  • Purpose design for low volume casing gas applications
  • No operator setup or adjustment is required
  • Eliminates issues common with conventional casing gas compressors
    • No liquid handling system (compressor can pump liquid or gas)
      • NO separator, level shutoff or switch
      • NO liquid pump
  • Ultra-reliable gear pump and electric motor power supply
  • Minimal moving parts, minimal maintenance
  • Easy and inexpensive to move
  • Live SkyView reporting system instantly notifies of system warnings and shutdowns
  • No external leak points for oil or gas seals
  • Automatic restart if grid power is lost
  • Optimize separately from the lift system
    • Compressor will adjust cycle rate to match flow
    • Up to 100% turn down
  • Start and walk away oil warm-up system


  • Multiple Rod Sizes Available
  • Sweet or Sour Service
  • Hydraulic Heat Trace
  • Sour Corrosion PSV
  • Sour Corrosion XXS Piping
  • Inlet Particle Filter
Operating Pressure Range0 - 1500psi
Flow Range0 - 140mscfd
HCG10 Compressor Weight2200 lbs
Casing Gas Compression (Sweet & Sour Service)
Poor Boy Gas Lift
CompressorhpSuggested Use
HCG1010hpSingle Well
HCG1515hpSingle Well
HCG5050hpPad Well