Initially designed for Casing Gas Compression, our equipment is often used in a variety of other operations:

  • Casing Gas Compression (Sweet & Sour Service)
  • Wellhead/Field Production Optimization
  • Multiphase Fluid Transfer
  • Group Emulsion Header Boosting
  • Poor Boy Gas Lift
  • Pigging
  • NG Boosting
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Gas Pipeline Evacuation, Decommissioning, Maintenance and Repair
  • Inline Inspections
  • MAOP Testing
  • Pressure Boosting



Casing Gas

Typical operating conditions:

  1. Suction pressure 15-40 psi (100-275 kPa)
  2. Discharge pressure 150-400 psi (1000-2800 kPa)
  3. Water saturated gas stream
  4. Mostly methane, with some longer chain hydrocarbons
Casing Gas Site Layout


Gas Well Boosting

Typical Operating Conditions

  1. 0-50 Psi suction, 60-300 psi discharge
  2. Gas stream is primarily saturated methane, may have some sour content
Booster Site Layout


Vapor Recovery

Typical Operating Conditions

  1. 0-1 psi (0-7 kPa) suction, 40-150 psi (275-1000 kPa) discharge
  2. High CO2 content, frequently some H2S content
  3. Water saturated gas stream
  4. Large range of hydrocarbons, short chain, long chain, solids
VRU Site Layout