Standard Features

  • Long stroke hydraulic reciprocating multiphase pump
  • Capable of liquid fractions 0 – 100%
  • Liquid rates exceeding 2000 m3/d (12,500 bpd)
  • Maximum ∆P up to 2500 kPa (360 psi)
  • 30% more geometric displacement than HCG
  • Handles wide range of API gravity & viscosity
  • 100% turndown capability
  • Highly tolerant of entrained solids
  • Extremely robust intake and discharge valve design
  • Optimized power utilization
  • Seals can be easily replaced on site
  • No additional lifting equipment required for servicing
  • Superior user interface – web browser HMI

The MPTP is specifically designed for use at a satellite or header where production from multiple wells is collected. The MPTP costs less than installing individual compressors on each well and also has more throughput with less peak power and service cost than the HCG Compressors now in this service!

Starting in early 2019 we ran three HCG50s as multiphase transfer pumps. At each site, the full emulsion flow from several wells was directed through the HCG, reducing the backpressure on the wells and improving production. 
Taking the experience and lessons learned from operating the HCG in multiphase service, we developed a fit-for-purpose Multiphase Transfer Pump capable of handling:

  • Crude oils of different API gravities and viscosities
  • Entrained particles carried by crude oil
  • Emulsions of oil / condensate, water and gas
  • A broad operating range better able to accommodate changing liquid rates

The MPTP has the following features that make it superior to the HCG in multiphase service:

  • Higher capacity
  • Lower peak operating power
  • Can overhaul in field without special equipment or tools
  • Improved seal system - more robust and quickly field replaceable

The MPTP eliminates the need for separate pumps, compressors, separators, flares and process control systems at satellites. It can replace aging and maintenance intensive field infrastructure, reducing field OPEX.

Typical Application

  • 40 psi inlet
  • 240 psi discharge
  • 5.8 e3m3 gas
  • 225 m3/day liquids (oil/water emulsion)


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