Company Philosophy

Who Are We?

Compact Compression Inc. is a privately owned Alberta based company engaged in the design, manufacture, and service of small horsepower gas compression. We deliver technical and commercial advantages to our clients through innovation and development of Natural Gas enhanced recovery equipment.

In November 2002, Compact Compression began operations with the purpose of introducing a new style of under 100hp compressors to the market.

June 2003 lead with the introduction of a new line of low hp compressors; the flagship CC40 trailer mounted unit was brought to market and there has been continual development ever since. Compact Compression remains to set the benchmark in under 100hp compression, and now manufactures collection of under 100hp skid and trailer mounted compressors for a range of applications.

Our team of dedicated engineers, technicians, and support staff are committed to providing “Flexible, Reliable, Economical, Portable, and Operator Friendly Compression Packages” under 100HP.

We look forward to serving our customers and resolving issues they face today and tomorrow.

Compact Compression operates with a few basic principles in mind, to keep our competitive edge and gain market share while producing the most reliable compressor on the market:


What sets us apart?

Core Skills – only do what you are good at

  • Design
  • Assembly
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory
  • Electrical
  • Service

And subcontract everything else – results in a better, more cost effective product

  • Welding
  • Machining

Standardized Designs

  • Spread engineering costs over quantity production to reduce total cost
  • Better engineered packages


Product Philosophy

Under 100hp (75KW)

  • Lots of competent 100 – 4000hp packagers
  • Few professional under 100hp packagers
  • Impossible to be cost effective at both large and small packages

Design For Manufacturability

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Better quality control
  • Identical products

Design For Ease of Operation and Maintenance

  • Easier to train operators
  • Fewer operator errors
  • Less expensive to maintain

Strong Process Control – Written Documentation Gives Cost Effective Excellence

  • Assembly processes
  • Quality control
  • Service processes
  • Overhaul processes