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In November 2002, Compact Compression began operations with the purpose of introducing a new style of under 100hp compressor to the market. June 2003 lead with the debut of this new line of low hp compressors - CC40. The flagship CC40 trailer mounted unit was brought to market and there has been continual development ever since.

Our CC (Compact Compressor) line of NG Boosters provide a portable and reliable alternative for end of life wells. Every compressor is equipped with field changeable VI and compressor speed. The versatile design of the CC offers more flexibility and provides economical sense - optional conversions are available for use in vapor recovery and sweet and sour gas production applications.

Engineered with industry standard components, a straightforward control panel system and modest design, the CC line remains operator friendly, and more importantly robust for harsh operating conditions.

Gas Production Compression
Vapor Recovery