An All-inclusive, Fixed Cost Service Plan for HCGs

What is the No Hassle Service Plan?

The NHSP is an all-inclusive fixed cost service plan for Hydraulic Casing Gas compressors (HCGs).

Why does CCI offer a No Hassle Service Plan?

We design and build casing gas compressors. The size of the Casing Gas compression market is driven by economics, therefore lower capital and op cost, along with less hassle results in a larger market.
  • We realized that in order to grow the market, in addition to a new compression element, a new approach to service and overhaul was needed, thus the No Hassle Service Plan and the “SkyView” monitoring system.
  • We can provide the lowest long term op cost through the No Hassle Service Plan because:
    • We see all service issues so we can determine root causes and design solutions to implement on new builds, and UPGRADE existing units if appropriate
    • We see all unusual process and operational issues affecting reliability and service cost; and can design hardware or processes to minimize or eliminate their negative effects
    • Economies of scale, if we service more units our costs naturally fall
    • We are motivated to pass cost reductions on to build market size

How can our customers benefit from the No Hassle Service Plan?

Our customers want increased oil production at minimal cost and hassle
  • Producers often believe they can minimize op cost by having their operators or the cheapest local compression service company handle service and overhaul. We do not believe that is true because:
    • Our technicians are familiar with our equipment which is significantly different from conventional equipment, making it difficult for other service providers to work on
    • We carry appropriate spare parts on our trucks, so no searching and driving
    • Our technicians maintain the equipment to factory specifications rather than fix it as quickly and cheaply as possible, which generally results in an ongoing degradation of the equipment – resulting in more downtime and higher repair costs later
    • Independent service providers are not highly motivated to minimize service costs as doing do reduces their revenue – we are, as we want to sell more compressors
  • Our No Hassle Service Plan includes an active UPGRADE program, which includes all changes that will reduce down time and service cost
  • We monitor our SkyView satellite reporting system to ensure everything is running, relieving the operator of that cost and hassle
  • Our customers have access to SkyView, allowing monitoring from their desk, tablet, or phone.
  • Predictable service cost of only about $10 per day

Our No Hassle Service Plan includes:

General: All-inclusive; including issues resulting from well problems

Service: All parts and labour for onsite and component overhaul

Travel: Travel time and mileage to our established service areas (Calgary, Eckville, Shaunavon and Stoughton). Outside our service areas, there is a fixed monthly Remote Surcharge, which presumes help from the customer for simple tasks. If required, we will have a Service Tech on site there the next working day.

Monitoring: SkyView, our satellite monitoring system identifies and collects data from HCGs, allowing us to diagnose and avert potential interruptions before they occur. Customers can access performance data through a password secure web portal

Upgrades: If there are endemic operational or service concerns, we design these defects out and implement upgrades across the existing fleet.

Access compressor status 24/7 from the comfort of your home or office

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