Compact Compression Inc.

Celebrates 20 Years in Business

2022 marks a significant milestone for Compact Compression – twenty years in business! Compact Compression was founded in 2002 by Chris Blundell, a successful serial entrepreneur in the Canadian Oil patch.

Compact Compression’s flagship product in the early 2000s was the
CC line of portable compressors, an engine-driven oil-flooded screw compressor mounted on a trailer so that the compressor could be easily moved once a well reached the end of its economic life.

After the sharp drop in natural gas
prices in 2009, Compact Compression pivoted to the oil production sector and the innovative Hydraulic Casing Gas Compressor (HCG) was born. It is a fit-for-purpose, simple and reliable, electric-over-hydraulic reciprocating compressor easily configurable for a wide range of pressures and volumes. The HCG has solved the liquids handling problem when compressing liquids-rich gas found in casing gas compression applications. Coupled with the all-inclusive, fixed-rate No-Hassle Service Plan and our SkyView monitoring platform, the HCG delivers >99% uptime, demand-based service, operating cost certainty, and confidence that the equipment is kept up to current specifications. With 100% turndown capabilities, it has become increasingly applied in Vapor Recovery applications as a standard solution that reduces capital costs and engineering overhead costs for end-users.

Taking the concept of the HCG further, Compact Compression has developed a
Multiphase Transfer Pump (MPTP) suited for application at well pads, satellites, and batteries to boost the entire flow of production fluid and gas to central facilities, and therefore increase production.
What does the future hold for Compact Compression? As we enter our third decade, our engineering-focused company is just getting started. In addition to being the industry leader in under 100 hp compression with our solid base in Canada, Compact Compression
has established a footprint in over half a dozen countries on 6 continents worldwide and is still growing! Chris says, “Look out for some innovative models coming to market to provide producers with more cost-effective tools to increase oil and gas production as well as reduce their emission footprint on their way to meeting Net-Zero targets.” We can hardly wait!

Compact Compression Ingenuity and Vapor Recovery Solutions

Vapor Recovery is an important process in the oil and gas sector for the capture of greenhouse gases. In addition to regulatory compliance, recent commodity prices have made Vapor Recovery an attractive solution to producers with the capture and sale of C1 to C6 produced gases adding substantially to revenue streams. These drivers have resulted in a renewed focus on Vapor Recovery efforts.

Traditional technologies, including reciprocating and rotary compressors, have been used for decades and can be well suited for vapor recovery of dry gas. However, they are unable to handle liquids rich gas streams and require inlet separators to avoid damage from liquids and heat exchangers at their discharge to maintain the temperature below operating limits. This adds unwanted cost and complexity to the system.

Compact Compression’s Vapor Recovery systems overcome these challenges and have been developed with 3 objectives:

  • Compress saturated hydrocarbon gas in the presence of liquids

  • Eliminate the need for liquids separation and heat exchangers

  • Eliminate the need for scheduled maintenance

Our Hydraulic Vapor Recovery (HVR) model is a hydraulically actuated, low speed, long stroke reciprocating compressor with advanced instrumentation and proprietary control logic. Sister technology to our HCG systems with over 1,000 units operating in the field today, the HVR is particularly well suited for low pressure vapor recovery applications because they are capable of precise suction pressure control.

Our constant focus on operational excellence has resulted in an HCG package with many advantages;

  • They easily process liquids right in the compression cylinder

  • 100% turndown capability by PLC; no VFD or process fluid loop.

  • Versatility to meet a wide range of capacity and ΔP requirements over a large ambient temperature range (-40°F to 110°F).

  • Demand-based service is made possible by our proprietary SkyView platform, resulting in operating costs well below scheduled maintenance programs.

  • Best-in-class reliability: >99% uptime reduces tech time and cost.

  • Expert technical support provided by our well-trained, highly experienced Engineering and Field Service teams.

  • Standardized design with configuration options backed by OEM purchasing power keeps cost of ownership low.

Compact Compression is able to offer our customers a wide array of Vapor Recovery solutions with our Hydraulic Vapor Recovery (HVR) technology line.

Stay tuned for the release of our newest Vapor Recovery product development project with a 1 mmscf/d capacity!

When considering a compression package for your company’s Vapor Recovery
operations, Compact Compression should be at the top of your list!

For a more in-depth look at CCI’s
Vapor Recovery systems, check out our website at

Compact Compression Launches the New 10HP Hydraulic Casing Gas Compressor - HCG10

We are excited to launch our newest Casing Gas Compression and Vapor Recovery solution…the HCG10.
All of the benefits and features of our larger HCG units incorporated into our new 10 HP HCG compressor. The HCG10 will reliably, cost effectively handle lower volume gas compression applications previously performed by beam gas compressors that often come with frequent service visits and costly repairs.