MARCH - Launch of CCI MRP System

FEBRUARY - 1100th HCG Unit shipped to the field

JANUARY - First CSG99 Coal Seam Gas Dewatering / Gas Lift Unit ships to Australia


OCTOBER - First HVR installation in the Permian Basin (New Mexico) & First HCG installation in Ecuador

SEPTEMBER - Partnership with ECO AFS in Bakken / Williston Basin (North Dakota)

AUGUST - Compact Compression completes the first Intermodal PSC175 Pipeline Service Compressor

AUGUST - Partnership with Accel Compression in Permian Basin / Texas

JUNE - Partnership with Twin Stars LLC in Permian Basin - Texas / New Mexico

MAY - First HCG installation in Democratic Republic of the Congo

MARCH - 1000th HCG Unit shipped to the field

JANUARY - Compact Compression celebrates 20 years in business!


NOVEMBER - First HCG Unit installed in North Dakota

OCTOBER - Partnership with Proyectos Integrales Del Ecuador S.A. (PIL) in Ecuador

JULY - 900th HCG Unit shipped to the field

JUNE - Partnership with PT Yusano Jaya Pratama in Indonesia

MAY - Fort Assiniboine, AB Service Centre Opened

MARCH - 850th HCG Delivered


DECEMBER - Launch of WGC - Wet Gas Compressor

NOVEMBER - 800th HCG Unit delivered

AUGUST - Partnership with Torque Alliance (Australia)

APRIL - Launch of MPTP - Multiphase Transfer Pump


AUGUST - 700th HCG Unit delivered

JUNE - Launch of PSC175 Pipeline Service Compressor

MAY - JWN Energy Excellence Awards Innovation & Research - Production Champion!

MAY - Grande Prairie, AB Service Centre Opened

FEBRUARY - 600th HCG Unit delivered

JANUARY - 1000th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered


AUGUST - 500th HCG Unit delivered

JUNE - 900th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered

MAY - Shaunavon, SK Service Centre Opened

FEBRUARY - Introduction of Flat Rate Remote Service (No Hassle Service Plan - NHSP)

FEBRUARY - High Pressure (650 psi) HCG Application

FEBRUARY - First HCG50 Gas Drive Delivered

FEBRUARY - Skyview Rollout to Customers

JANUARY - 400th HCG Unit delivered


DECEMBER - 800th CCI CompressorBuilt/Delivered

NOVEMBER - Skyview Rollout to CCI Service

JULY- 300th HCG Unit delivered

JULY - First HCG15 Gas Drive Test Trailer

MAY - 700th CCI CompressorBuilt/Delivered

APRIL - First HCG50 Delivered

MARCH- Stoughton, SK Service Centre Opened

MARCH - Introduction of HCG Extended Services Plan(No Hassle Service Plan - NHSP)

JANUARY- 200th HCG Unit delivered


DECEMBER - First HCG Mk2 Delivered (end of quiet pack)

OCTOBER - 600th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered

AUGUST - First HCG Quiet Power Pack

JULY - First HCG50 Delivered

JUNE - 100th HCG Delivered

MAY - First HCG15 Test Trailer Delivered

APRIL - Launch of HCG50

FEBRUARY - 500th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered

FEBRUARY - 500th HCG Pigging Application Delivery (1200 psi Operating)


SEPTEMBER - First HCG15 Delivery


DECEMBER - Launch of HCG Basic Satellite Messaging system

APRIL - Launch of HCG15


AUGUST - Launch of HCG Prototype Start-up (first Hydraulic Casing Gas Compressor)

FEBRUARY - Launch of CG30

APRIL - Estevan, SK Service Centre Opened


SEPTEMBER - 300th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered

JANUARY - Launch of CV20 VRU


AUGUST - Launch of CG25

MAY - Launch of CG15-15hp Single Stage Compressor for Sweet or Sour Service

MAY - Launch of CG20-20hp Two Stage Compressor for Sweet or Sour Service


NOVEMBER - Launch of CC30–30hp Screw Compressor - Replaces CC25

JUNE - Launch of 40hp Heliportable Compressor - A-Star compatible, Pigging & Production Models Available

APRIL - Launch of CC50-50hp Screw Compressor - production to 1.0 mmsfcd plus


NOVEMBER - 200th CC40 Unit in field

OCTOBER - Launch of CC100–100hp Screw Compressor

MARCH - 200th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered


OCTOBER - Launch of CC25 (Specializing in CBM applications)

JUNE - Launch of CC75–75hp Screw Compressor

MAY - 100th CCI Compressor Built/Delivered


JUNE - Launch of CC40–40hp Screw Compressor


NOVEMBER - Incorporated - With the intention to develop low HP booster compressors for depleted gas wells